I remain here.

I'm frozen in place,

No one is here to warm me.

No one is here to wipe my tears.

No one is here to hear my screams.

No one is here to chase away my fears

Why did they do this to me, leaving me in this,

This frozen hell. Why did they kill me, and leave me 

With out fail? Who has done such a terrible thing to burden

One so innocent, and so fragile with something so harsh and cruel?

What am I supposed to do? Where am I supposed to go. I have no one left. 

Is it all just in my head with why they left me, and me alone for dead? Why was it me?

All I know is that I cannot go back to the way things were before. I have no

Place left to go. No one left to turn to. All I can do is stay where they 

Left me. No one will notice that I'm gone a person so       fragile

that it would be a burden and a curse to bring her     back

To everyone she once knew and loved. back to those 

Who loved her. Nobody says a word about     the

girl alone out in the freezing cold will   anyone

Come to here rescue? She stands  alone

No one wonders who she is or   what

She's doing why must this go on

I remain frozen in this place.


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