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Your armor of light, Is no match for my darkness. No matter how hard you fight, You cannot save my soul's rotting carcass. Wondering if I'm right, I stare up to the moon; Wishing to end this life,
I woke up one day too tired to run; I just didn't have the energy anymore. I didn't have the resolve to fight. I didn't have it within me to take action either. I decided to let the wind blow,
I, too, matter   I am the unborn daughter. The one with the heartbeat. The one without a life. But my heart still beats,
Do you remember how it felt when the wind blew pleasantly brushing your hair side to side? It's a comforting feeling, a feeling that one can appriecate, Even though it is not expected.  
All I did was to love you too much I'm longing for your everlasting touch It seems like we were doing so well But these days it feels like I'm living in a hell Crush is an understatement, you're my first true love
Here is the story of a little black girl,
She looks up His dancng eyes catch her smile   Others call them stupid Stupid to save their "love"   The altar is waiting For that kiss, first kiss   For they both know
You know I wrote a whole poem not more than two seconds ago what a shame I let it go i wish I could rewrite it
he askes simply "why the narcotics?sleeping pills are sketchy man..." i guess i know... but one pill equals a good nights sleep plus two equals spinning rooms 
You break me, With every little word you say and every call to action,  Embellishing reward that goes along with.  You say do this it looks good on applications and glare when the class looks on in silence.
He called her his whore, his slut, his own bitch to ride on, like dogs.Prized only darkness, like lights. Abandoned in public, like free-speech. She wasn’t free, she wasn’t light,
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