Another outpouring of consciousness by a drowsy kid at midnight

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 03:44 -- benbon


You know I wrote a whole poem not more than two seconds ago

what a shame I let it go

i wish I could rewrite it

what I do remember is something of rhyming 

I thought it wouldn't be a poem

so I had think in rhyme

and then I brought to your atention that I rhymed rhyme with rhyme

that is just the worst crime

and frankly I don't know why this text has lines

But if I said I didn't like it is been lying

As you can see, this time around I was much more successful with the rhymes

i think I said I thought I could sing

I think I said I knew I couldn't dance

and I know I said I couldn't write a poem for my life

then I discovered I stopped rhyming

but then I went on and said I like writing

but I only like them if they are universal

i questioned if this random stream of thought could inspire collective thought

l then continued the rhyming, by saying I think not

oh the lines disappeared

and they came back

anyhow, I then went on to the converse side

these thoughts came from a being

just like you, as sappy as it may sound

 it all didn't happen in those words, but it ended something like this:

Oh look I've stopped rhyming

what terrible timing








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