Love You Too Much

All I did was to love you too much
I'm longing for your everlasting touch
It seems like we were doing so well
But these days it feels like I'm living in a hell
Crush is an understatement, you're my first true love
I guess that's why the pain I feel is deep from the sky's above
The tears I shed could fill up a pond
These days we don't even seem to bond
We used to talk from night to day
Now I'm lucky if it's just a "hi"you say
All I did was to love you too much
In talking to me? You're in no rush
Days rolled by and you grew tired of me
No longer wanting to see me but I'll let it be
I look at my phone to see if it's you
Hoping for that text that says "I miss you too"
I wonder where it all went wrong
I thought in your arms is where I belonged
I'll give you your space if that's what you want
To be independent is what I was taught
They say if you love someone you set them free
And if they return then it was meant to be
Hopefully in my arms is where you'll return
To be with you is all that I yearn
Because all I do is love you too much


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