Black Children

Here is the story of a little black girl,

Who often dreamt of saving the world.

She sits on the train, wearing thick pink glasses.

Will she be a speaker to the masses?

Will she be president? Advocate for the poor?

With enough encouragement, she could be that and more.

Across town lives a little black boy

With a smile that brings everyone joy

His clothes are too big, hand me downs from his brother

On his way out to school, he kisses his mother.

"Be a nice boy, bring back good grades!

Rejoice in this day that the Lord has made!"

Head held high, he strides toward education,

And one day his wisdom will spread through the nation.

On his way, he passes another little black girl,

Who dreams of a much grander world.

At night, when she sleeps in a little bedroom,

Dreams illuminated by the light of the moon,

She hears her dad whisper, "One day princess, you'll see,

Things will get better for you, mom and me.

We'll get a big house with rooms to spare,

And so much space you'll never have to share.

You'll go to the best school and be smart as can be.

This will get better for us, you'll see."

And as she lay dreaming, she could see in her mind

Their little bedroom being left behind

Her dad in a suit, her mom in a dress

Herself at school doing the very best.

Now, there are other children being encouraged somewhere,

Sweetest of words whispered in their ear.

And if we want a better future, one bright and true

It would do us some good to encourage black children too.

For we never could know what magic could hide

Inside the mind of a black child being left behind.

We never know what secret we could uncover

From a little black boy who only has his mother.

We're quick to blame genes when they start acting wild,

But tell me, When last did YOU encourage a little black child

To open a book, ask questions in school?

Instead of just trying to be "cool"

Did you ever encourage a black child to read?

Does any black child know how to properly lead?

All children matter, of any race

But black children have their own mountains to face

But if we encourage them, little whispers in the ear

Black children can learn that they matter here

They can be a great someone! Break down any wall!

But first we must teach them how to stand tall!

Teach our men to be men, ladies to be ladies

The time is up to keep acting shady

And if we all took a moment, just one, to believe

I can't even think to imagine what black children will achieve...
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My community
My country
Our world
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