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First, above all else; I hope you are well. I hope you are happy And cared for And maybe even loved The way I was meant to love you The way I wanted to love you The way I would have loved you
It’s midnight now I’m holding your hand on a porch that hasn’t been built yet. Standing by a tree not yet grown I know someday is coming Someday But it’s midnight now
We're growing up, but not much Our knowledge had just been hatched Wisdom of a neophyte Still lots of matches to ignite
“Almost” An adjective meaning very near or not quite. What a terrible word that holds a painful truth. I dread these six letters, as anyone would.
I feel like I’m on the brink of something  Like I’m right on the edge Like I’m right about to get to it Like I’m right there on its tail And I only have to reach my hand out And take it...
Driving down the road at night A deer jumps out in a fright I stared at Death in this guise And saw They have big doe eyes The deer kept left and I kept right I took a breath; I was spared that night.
A letter to my almost We are every pair that never was Horribly broken by each other Under the influence of a buzz   In my mind, we lay in the same bed Never crossing the distance
Icy like mint
I've been staring at the ceiling, it is off white, and bumpy, and very, very boring.  sometimes it is so lonely your chest feels like its made of glass,  
1) Don't ever depend on others if you don't have to.2) I miss the fall leaves. I miss how I shivered in snow.3) I don't know what to say to him.4) I have bad ankles because I never stood up for myself.
" 15 minutes " He said to me eagerly " A lot can happen in 15 minutes" I knew what he meant but I told myself I wouldn't give in He looked deep into my eyes. With his gorgeous brown eyes. 
Skinny legs, a perfect hair is what they to see A pretty face and perfect body, The opposite of me. The pressure to be perfect is slowly closing in.  When, when will all of this come to an end?
Sometimes  I think it'd be easier if you had died Not because I want you dead, Not because I hate you, But because then maybe I'd have a reason. I'd have a reason to avoid everyone you ever spoke to
It Took Year's Of Talking As Friends And Studying To Know What You Like Or How You Like It. To Learn Your Favorite Movies Songs And Even Your Special Restaurants I Have To
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