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When she flies. When she lights up.   Heart soaring, people bright, this is the feeling of flight. I cannot explain much, there is no explanation,
wild thrill of the chasehummingbird and bumblebee~getting a buzz on....Mark Toney © 2020.11/16/2020 - Poetry form: Haiku,
8,000 9,000 10,000 Feet high Alone I soared, Alone in the sky, Alone I sailed, When reaching new heights, New forces unveiled, The icy wind's bite. On the radio I hailed,
from the time i opened my eyes   the fear crocheted my stomach   blinding as fireflies   deep as the Potomac   the what-ifs ate me alive
Fear. The fastest emotion to reach the brain to create a fight or flight reaction Fight.  Fear causes a person to attack to rid of whatever caused the fear. Flight.
Oh! How I long to soar On gilded wings forevermore But stuck I am upon this ground My feet crunching, making sound  
One dayA girl was flying, with wings made of dreams. She crafted these wings one day.
Up, up, up and down the softest petals and hardest crown the earth has fallen clear and clear with birds that all the world can hear
The mood was right; headache, loud noises, babies crying, tight spaces.   You notice all the curves and lines you would have never saw.
In life when situations are thrown at you there are two options To fight or flight To stand and fight for things in your life
To take away, with the accordance of a fowl, the flight of a child is not the loss of air.   The wings that protrude from the back of your aims are the soul that keeps one on fire;  
Swimming through air Floating then plunging Through depths Gliding over Whispy vessels afloat On nothingness Effortless
Notice all the Space up there  Swirling galaxies, shooting stars Black holes bending light Gravity holding us all down As humans fight each other Over the electron of an atom Which is our Earth
Spread my wings and Fly above it all To be able to Stand on my own And pray to Rejoice that I am Me The best me I could ever be, the Best timing where
I am the Magpie. When Winter came, I flew South; “It’s warmer there,” they said. Will I ever see my home again?   When Winter came, I flew South, But I will return home in the Spring.
I think there are times
I am the cup of ramen noodles I keepforgetting to take out of themicrowave. I am the orange juice that spills on a fourteen hourinternational flight. I am the mint plant on the windowsill that only thrives
Struggling within something's grasp, Trying to wriggle my way out.
What am I? A person? Or something more? In the darkness, I see the light arise. The battle is won,
Lonely bird Wings imprint on the pavement
O Muse, take pity one me! For I cannot retell half as well as thee! Daedalus, Daedalus, creator of many the glorious thing, Daedalus, Daedalus, the one who gave Man wing, In Crete, that wretched place,
Heed younge starling eager for flight, tender eyes no sight. Your limbs so slight and feathers so few what can become of you? Harshness awaits with hallowing winds chaffing against the night.
The poor pigeons coo
Far beyond the evergreen treeDoes the raven fly.High above the mountains tallWhere his harbors lie.
I close my eyes and imagine flight.
Airplane Airflight First time Lips white Passout Fly high Don't look Bird's sight
for Meghan  
  Glide with me             Breathe the bitter air             Dig out the dirt             Thrust forward             Leap in front  
Facing the dedication plaque of The East Coast Memorial in Battery Park,sat a navy spiral bound with a worn post-it note upon the cover.Head slightly tilted, I scoff at the carelessness of some kids.
Birds soar through the sky,
Across from the ocean, I sit on the beach, I'm lost in tranquility, As my soul tries to breathe.   White clouds moving slowly, The breeze calm and still, I'm caught in the moment,
Nowhere to go, no-one to see without eyes, he walks, never waking He speaks to the clouds, they fly too fast, he follows Riding his winged beast, flying, never falling
My breath escapes my chest as that engine roars The world I leave behind and its problems ignored   The living air pulls me into its embrace My heart leaves this world as if in a chase  
             Sat down and stared at the mesmerizing sky,Didn't expect to find a friendI can't even liePeace was all we yearned.
Listening to the music, While tears stream down my face; Is just another day. I tell myself that tomorrow will be better? But I know the truth. Nothing will change. Who was I kidding?
  Oh Icarus,Look at your broken form;You tried so hardTo be a god,But they clipped your wingsAnd spit on your pride,Oh Icarus,Tell me,How does it feel to beMortal now?  
  It’s the sound you hear in between The space that fills nothing Or the nothing that fills the space. Constant trace of thought Emotions stay unveiled. Catapulted thoughts drifting abound.
The way you smile at me is intoxicating. So much so, that every moment I look at you is degrading. Your spirit is like a two-edged sword. It can cut through my mind when I'm bored. I have so many desires 
You are a caged bird. A redbird or a jay. A key dangles from your owner's neck, as he brings you seed each day. You belong in the sky, where you can soar without a care, instead you ponder behind iron bars. No one said the world was fair.
Perfect white - clouds rolling like hills under A sky pale blue like his eyes: sightless, remembering. Staring through a glass oval, indented deep
It all starts with the spotlight on me My heart as if to burst Hand clinched to tight my forearms fatigue Inhaling deep for a second of relief
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