Taking Off

from the time i opened my eyes


the fear crocheted my stomach


blinding as fireflies


deep as the Potomac


the what-ifs ate me alive


on the surface you wouldn't see


how ever will i survive


if fear just wants to kill me


once there's no turning back


trust me i've tried and failed


my mind's somewhere off track


common sense is to no avail


ive convinced myself the lies


i ruined the chance to breathe


yet the plane never nosedives


the fear begins to seethe


oceans blue as summer sky


cities lit up as christmas


i cannot and will not lie


i was going to miss this


the fear and i have landed


i want to fly again


now i will understand it


i dont have to pretend


since then i've lost my count


our flights take off year round


ignore the great amount


i never touch the ground


fear gave up her gun


and tossed away her knife


she's somewhere on the run


away from my new life


i fall asleep and dream


or watch life down below


at once i'd want to scream


but now i only grow


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