The Flight Of Our Future

Up, up, up and down
the softest petals
and hardest crown
the earth has fallen clear and clear
with birds that all the world can hear

the only thing with peace and call
the creatures with most grace do fall
they try and try but still, they fail
like a fast-paced train on a broken rail
their hearts grew smaller with every task
with harm in love and hands of flask
they beat and break and wear them out
until the world's reduced to shout

they break the beauty and bond within
with hearts and souls so full of sin
and worse and worse come with each kin
this world's future I fear

with education disregarded
and interests go to dull
youth and spirit undecided
have reduced to null
the caring traits that once lived true
have been replaced with something new
as these birds flew and flew
away from the love this world we all once knew.

I wish I wish I wish they'd change
Like leaves in spring
It's something strange
For its the love we need to bring
to this world to make that change
in the flight of our future

This poem is about: 
Our world





I wrote this to address the lack of love within our world today

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