Wed, 01/07/2015 - 18:07 -- Mooilky

Lonely bird

Wings imprint on the pavement

Gravel in her beak

Stones can fill an empty belly

But these bones were meant for flight

 Sitting on the window ledge

Fingerprints identifying a stress ball

Staring at the sky

She knows meds can't grow wings

Still she hopes to try


Words like pebbles at the dinner table

Grinding their way up her tired throat

Crunching against her teeth

Tasteless paste she spits out each night

Painting the plate placed before her


She assures her friends that she is fine

And they believe her

No one wants a heavy stone

Not even one with the bones of a bird

And the eyes of a ghost


Lonely birds dance on wires

And string gems around their throats

Tighter tighter they sing

Pearls digging into vocal chords

Tighter tighter


Step over the pavement

No matter the height

Stones have filled her empty belly

But her bones were meant for flight



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