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Summer is reflection. Learning about yourself
Do we ever think about the things we create? The small things and the large things that we drag with us through time, the phases that we promoted that we thought would last forever in our minds  
There are 2,228,800 seconds in one lifetime Each containing countless possibilities You were one possibility You are my possibility Why do I love you? Out of all those seconds My time was due
Compared to the expectation of my dreams, And the flight of my imagination, It seems still, This space I possess, My 17th year of life. I send a quake towards my destiny,
I am looking forward to the future, Fall and winter, summer break and becoming a senior, And even farther in the future, Senior year, prom, and graduation. I am looking forward farther in the future,
All order is broken
Life is full of possibilities A list never seizing an end  Call them soaring opportunities  My Child,I get it.  The clock ticks  Tick tock tick tock  You wanna stop your life's clock 
In our world today
Persistence is thisodd thing.It pushes us past our limits—it is an unpresedenceof our capabilities. It is fueled by a why and produces a legacy.
The struggle that I'm fighting from within Which continues from day's beginning and night's end I know no one will ever understand,
  Thoughts flood the mind in ample quantities. They provide attention for the unknown. They give power to reason and to imagine. Thoughts give the power to form or understand.
  I’ve swallowed the burning flames before, With every breathe I inhale for, My heart has wept for you once more,   My love is banging at your door, And I’m searching for your touch,
Make your mark in the world. Find what makes you happy and what sets you apart from everyone else. Explore all the possibilities and never stop until you succeed. It may take countless tries but just remember,
Hey today was fun and interesting I was loud and you were determining What was I like was it all true Would I be awful and make you blue How is it that you came and weren't afraid Why is it that I paid
Throughout life we all have dreams Goals and desires we hope to achieve Hard work, strength, determination Each play a part in their realization
In. The air is fresh. Out. Eyelids rise, open to the bright challenge Brightness fades, leaving only a clearing. The challenge remains, yet the possibilities are easier to see. In.
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