The Struggle from Within

The struggle that I'm fighting from within
Which continues from day's beginning and night's end
I know no one will ever understand,
The tribulations I am forced to hold in
On this battle field I will stand,
Which continues from heaven's kingdom to life's end
The life I am living continues to expand
But I feel the hopeless troubles,
Is it wrong to ask for a helping hand?
Then I seek the helping hand
And it reaches and extends
It helps me get to the next bend
I feel as mighty as the little engine that can
But then the helping hand
Lets go of my feeble hand
The struggle I feel again,
Now I'm the little engine that could 
Instead of the little engine that can
From the battle of love and hate, I gain scars that will never mend
Confusion invades my senses, but turned on my defenses
Without thinking I dive in
All the fiends I thought were friends,
Secretly intend to raise a false hand
Behind my back do they pretend,
To understand the struggles I impend?
Its a continuous cycle that happens again and again
By my side I want you to defend
But on I,
I should depend
I am afraid that if I make amends
This nightmare will transcend not condescend
This fight, this struggle it must end
The struggle that I'm fighting from within.



Very strong , Nice Vanessa :D

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