Life is Full of Possibilities


Life is full of possibilities

A list never seizing an end 

Call them soaring opportunities 

My Child,I get it. 

The clock ticks 

Tick tock tick tock 

You wanna stop your life's clock 

Cause your heart is beating 

Palms are sweating 

About to go for that dream 

Searching for a hint of gleam 

When clouds of doubt precipitate within 

My child, you can find 

The yearn to keep those dreams flowing 

That's right my child,keep it going 

Don't feel like your hopes are trapped in a cold cellar 

Feeling down under the weather 

Remember anything is probable 

You can go to college 

Study abroad,admire the arts 

Don't think of it as unstoppable 

You need to enrich your mind only with:possible 

My child,you are a part of the future generation 

A bright girl with a perspective as wide as jupiter 

My words can only be true 

So let them imbue 

You can go the distance 

You can run the mile 

You can walk straight through darkness with a smile 

Write every word 

Every line 

Every rhyme 

To get this message across 

Before it all remains lost:

"Life is full of Possiblities" 

Tick tock tick tock 

Your future is calling you 

Remember my child,the limit ends at the sky 

So go ahead and fly 

Cause your life is full of possiblities 


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