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Dedicated to my wife .
I'm proud of myself and I have something to say.I quit smoking last year on the 3rd of May.It was one year ago when I smoked for the last time.When it came to spending money for tobacco, I haven't spent a dime.
The moments, ordinary, have started adding up, From sharing meals together, or coffee in a cup, Subtract the times when sadness had tried to seize the way, As love returned with gladness; a new and brighter day. -
Back and forth, we talk everyday, yet, I wish to be closer with you in every way. For the past six months, we have built a bridge,  of happiness and love, and more than a smidge.
23 years of marriage. Damn, 23 years. I could not believe that it would last that long because he had proposed to me in a bar.
Dad, These are the days where I, With special clarity, With attentive mind Give heed to the cavern in my heart. These are the days where I wonder And I miss your smile. The days I remember.
It's been twenty years since you've departed and the world is just as anxious as it was when you startedYou blessed the world with your art like Picasso at his canvas,And your voice helped the west side gain statusYou were an advocate for black pr
You may think me as your enemy but me on Seeing you Mine eyes never wants to blink But see thine eyes of belle Heart of mine gets its beat doubled Cells of brain will search for words of worth
I adopted my Chihuahua Dog two years ago today.I'll be Agnes's last owner, she's here to stay.I adopted her in Morristown, Tennessee.I am lucky because Agnes is with me.Two years has been how long I've known her.
It'll all change, written on a different page but there is no going back Love was the lack, my soul as dark as black, i lied i cheated ill do the opposite of my mistakes
 Happy Anniversary 10 YRS TODAY FACEBOOK    4.2.2004----------- 4.2.2014
Let us celebrate Today we seal our fate Only few days past the date That changes for love not hate.
From the day I first met you My world started to change, Whether I realized it or not My life would now rearrange.   Every thought in my head Every feeling I felt,
I don’t know how much Corpses can hear, But if you’re hearing, Some things must be made clear After this first year.
Three hundred sixty five days each year But this one was with you, my dear From our very first kiss, the sixth of January I’ve dreamt that someday we will marry We’ll live happy ever after, as it should be
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