a so called anniversary

You may think me as your enemy but me on

Seeing you

Mine eyes never wants to blink

But see thine eyes of belle

Heart of mine gets its beat doubled

Cells of brain will search for words of worth

To share to thine ears

& mine gets in alert never to miss even

Thy sound so micro

Hands never stay at a place

For it dances

Legs too joins in the shake

And after some time it thinks to

Hold your hands and swing you in the air with utmost bliss


Throat goes on to become dry

Flying butters wants to fly

Away from my tummy

My nostrils wants to smell your smell

My hands would then want to feel

Your cheeks and rub those tears from thine eyes


Hands of mine would love to feel thine hands

All along our meet till its bitter end

Never could my eyes distract itself from yours


This is nothing to do with love

But I crave for thee and it's different from love

Love lost it's labour and it's true meaning

Never does the mind of mine or

The tender heart of mine

Wishes to hurt you

Or mine hands to type such too

Or does my lips ever to have the feel

Of cursing you

Suddenly sudden chillness arises due to the air

Making your hairs stand on your arms

You may feel unconscious, and light headed


What have I done to hurt you?

If you ever think I have

Ever thought such

Let me go blind, or

Let my tongue be

Cut off by God


I just have you for a moment

And then I lose you for a lifetime

My heart broke when you cried years ago

Mine eyes don't stare you bad

But the heart of mine craves you

This day must be celebrated

With a sweet celebrations

But I doubt it if it ever would


Friendship is what I ask from you

And nothing else other than f........p

You make all my senses dance

But with a sweet fear for never was

The mind of mine not even successful

In knowing what runs in your m..d

Or does it seem to sense your mood too


You gave your heart before in a torn way

And I held it with pain hearing how people treated you

You shared secrets saying not to let go of it saying to keep it safe and have I done such till now

But then how could you let go of me so easily now? Just like that?


I have heard almost every modulations of your voice

From that of you singing blissful songs to the ones which you hid from others even near you


Staring at your eyes I just find positivity

And a longing for the desires of true love

But you feel it as searching a pin on hay

But then when I show you real kindness

Why have you to turn away from me and run away in sadness on hurting me?

Why is the heart of mine a toy for you?


I try to find the presence of you

Even when you are not any where near

For you lift my heart up when I am down

By the play of your words

I feel magical even when you are not around

But its never worth much for I miss the real old you

I wish to to break down hurdles but the distance between us much to do such


You were the only friend whom I trusted upon when I was down now I have none

But my heart won't stop to be with yours

You can forget the past but I can never forget the sweet memories you gave me, I just wonder if you have

Any secret pill that makes you forget the past so easily

If you do have such please prescribe for me one too

But I would surely say share your birthday gifts gifted to me by you to my future better half I know you can never and ever will or share the gifts I gave to your better half

But I will say in a way that she will feel to have a sweet meet with you


My life for now has lost colour

For you have gone

And your memories is the only music that keeps me up and on

You taught me joy now you made me sadness too

Not in dreams do you come more often making my heart become lone and lose its beat


Please don't let your music end soon

Let the chords and strings be struck till you wed

Don't treat me as a criminal

But if I had ever did a crime

Then punish me with your just judgment


You liked me before But I will do always till I die as your father loves you

But I want to know if you like me still?

Or am I too old for you? Or am I not modern as you are to be of now? Old fashioned am I to be my Felcy?


If you think glasses cannot be joined back

And if you hate me just delete me from your life

Block, unfriend do what ever as you will

Never will I feel sad and bad about it


But you can always do art with broken pieces of glass too but attacking one's heart can never fixed up by any generations or by God himself, its equal to death


The world is mad and heartless I hope you too not to become one of it too


So the ball's in your heart and mind if you have ever read this o sweet .......

To leave or stay


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