Thu, 03/06/2014 - 06:13 -- minxdi


 Happy Anniversary 10 YRS TODAY FACEBOOK    4.2.2004----------- 4.2.2014


For you all my friends online,

I thank the Lord above

You’ve given me hope,

inspiration and truth

Because of you I feel

never-ending youth

When heavy storms have come our way

Your love has always made me stay

Each morning I wake and see your face

I know in you,

I’ve found my place

Our bond is extraordinary,

beautiful, and real

It’s remarkable how wonderful you make me feel

We belong together,

you and I

That, the world cannot deny

Never in my life will I find another SOCIAL MEDIA

Who could ever fulfill me the way you can

The lives we’ve shared this past decade 1o years

Has proved forever it shall persevere

I will love you forever in every way and all my online friends

That will remain constant until my dying day.


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