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In the past I felt like I had nothing left to fight for. It wasn’t enough. I held on to the numbing‘s and told myself you can stop when you find that one thing that will call you back to reality like before.
This is the end, our forever love. I was so wrong.   You were silent, I was hopeful.   You left me,
In my movie the world seems perfect No violence, no sadness, no discrepancies to detect But then as time fades and life grows The protagonist cowers as the antagonist shows
We are definitely not perfect And we've never claimed to be. We strive to be brave, And allow others to be free But freedom comes with limits And its hard to master bravery.
I am a child Who needs toys, to know she’s loved, coloring books Who loves her mom and dad, school, baby dolls Who sees stickers, scraped knees, birthday parties Who fears spiders, heights, time out
The world screams that I am not good enough That my body, my voice, my personality, my creativity, Are unacceptably flawed That I do not deserve to be here And yet I am here
I used to be a crazy little girl, my heart was a colorful swirl. As I got older and problems started, my mom's hair soon departed. She is a surviver of breast cancer twice, but she's very afraid of mice.
Heavy fog on rainy days
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