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She is like a fire Beautiful and bright Dangerous if you get too close Yet beautiful to sight   She is like a fire Burning and gold Independent, determined, mischevious, and bold  
The crowd sees the face Recognizing the infamous brand Awe dominates as they stand As it sweats charisma on command   IS that the myth? No, that's the MAN   The crowd sees the body
gym, health, science classes fill with that unforgettable stench of used textbooks craterfaces and jockies everyone with the same yet different growing and changing none like the other
Expectations and warnings Consider carefully the beginnings Every action has consequence Every inaction is opportunity Slipped Away. Oh, I’m brave So courageous I love to live outrageous
Dear Rapist, it was three years ago now. That lonely day when you defiled me Where I screamed and cried for you to please go. My fight was for naught unfortunately.   You left me there, ravaged and abandoned
Who gave you the right to use us at your disposal? In the end,  you'll be alone--- like an empty vessel stuck with resinating regret.  Are you aware that you're leading to your own self destruction? 
One day you came to me Your body like one big tear You start shaking Trembling like an earthquake  
Beware of pirates, for they are thieves. And I’m not talking about the ones with eye patches and a wooden peg for a leg who sails the seas day and night. No.
No one is a real poet. Someone always has it worse than you. Real poets are the women in far away countries that don't know how to read Women right in front of us that are afraid to say their significant other hurts them
I am wretched,and I am hell. I want the world,and I want to yell. If I was perfect,And I was not. Would I sit here,and would I plot. I have not lived long,and I have turned.
I was a girl who didn't know it was wrong I lived in a world
I am innocence, Bouncing, brunette curls, Fresh, freckly, bright complexion, Naïve, sweet, unburdened—innocence.   I am conformity, Sleek, straightened locks,
I strut my stuff because I love who I am. Not going to let a couple of kissing bugs hop on the train like a couple of drugs. And if I fear would I be here? Might as well call me musketeer.
I see a glass half empty, empty? isnt that bad?
Music uplifts the strings on my guitar,Hockey uplifts the puck on my stick,Education uplifts the knowledge in my head,Preparedness uplifts the opportunities in my life,Work uplifts the money in my pocket,
People ask why I'm terrified of snakes, never touching them, Why I will never be too close to them, so I tell them why.  
I am an individual; I stay strong even in the biggest storms, I stare darkness straight in the eyes and see only the light that will immerse me when it passes. My faith guides me toward hardships.
When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Disney princess— beautiful, with big blue eyes and flowing blonde hair. I knew that sunshine lightened my mousy brown locks and wearing white made my eyes look blue
I’m a human being I make mistakes; make risks to take I determine my life, prevent results, regulate my fate You can give advice But it’s my life. Don’t theorize a comprise
It’s all up to me, no parameters on what I need to say. I blank, ‘oh shit what am I gonna say?!’ So I look at other poems, How they engage a reader, Empower a reader, Inspire a reader, Make you laugh,
If the world was my classroom, I would teach a girl to learn and to love, And not go to jail. I would teach a girl to not envy but embrace, To push onward even when it seems like there is no escape.
From empty thoughts of i do’s, lake front houses, and promises that never follow through, to feeling numb, paralyzed by fantasies with who, I always seem to look right through.
Four sides, incubator. They feed me these principles to live by, chauvinistic society. My predestined narrator. Falsely illustrated to be weak smile to seem friendly and passively speak.
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