Who gave you the right to use us at your disposal?

In the end, 

you'll be alone---

like an empty vessel

stuck with resinating regret. 

Are you aware that you're leading to your own self destruction? 

All your "radiant roses",

who you lusted for--

but we lost our luster over time.

You treated us like weeds..

plucking us

one by one 

and threw us away--

You never took the time

to see what we could grow into-

and kept us from blossoming.

But we are much more than the buds on our chests

and the curves of our petals.

We are much more than our sweet nectar,

our skinny stems,

and alluring scents. 

Roses or daisies, 

lilacs or marigolds,

we are one in the same..

Even the morning glory 

doesn't feel like so after spending a night with you--

Either a drop of rain in the drought 

or endless showers,

we continue to bend towards the light--

seeking the sun's nurturing warmth

and encouraging rays. 

So, from now on,

our roots stay grounded,

strongly intact.

The veins of our leaves 

are flooding with dignity

while yours are almost deplete.

We are grow in gardens of pride and security..

refusing to shrivel to anyone again.

No longer will we tolerate acidic rain.. 

We are not here for your disposal.










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