broken home

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Hear my battle cry For the addict’s cries Who will listen? God witness these baby's being born To rotten situations See the dying breed of this nation All addicts made to be forsaken
I am a product of a broken home A summation of lost love  intertwined with lost trust   My parents broke my trust   My family tells me I am a perfect mix of  My mother and my father
He told me I was becoming my mother.A statement that meant,I could do better.They said I look just like her.How the ocean floods my eyes when my heart, Catches on fire,From beating too fast.
Dear Father,    I guess you were the onewho was supposed to show me how this works.The ins and outs of love,living, learning, and putting my happiness first.   
Dear Daddy,   Growing up, you were my role model. I’m not exactly sure why, but I was always your little girl.
He stuns me with a slap back "Can you take that? I'll take you to your mom's in the hatchback." He throughs me over the shoulder, mannerisms growing colder. Throwing tears into a holster
I’ve been through a lot,No one would have thought.All my sweet smiles,The hugs I give in piles.
she dips her makeup brush in gunpowder instead of eyeshadow   because her mother was a soldier and her father was a poet,  
My house smells of bleach and burnt pancakes. The sound of my parents screaming at each other echoes through the off-white halls.   My brother skulks in the corner
you can runbut you cant hidethe Rules of societyi refuse to abidewhat would you expectwith parents like Bonnie an Clyde
In a loveless patch the seed was sown A barren field of thorn Then tears rained down from Heaven's face Where heavy hearts have scorn
Grandfather, If I can call you that, Would you have loved me as a child of your child? That is what I am.   You left my mother so many times, Wounded a part of her spirit she doesn’t like to show,
  Catharsis does not work. I scream and scream But do not feel any lighter.
I've tried to hide my emotions and keep 'em bottled up
You are ungrateful Lost in a world Where alcohol is your therapist And you hit your little girl   She cries when she touches The bruise on her face A soft and plush cheek
Kaleigh Kelso Free Verse   5 Souls, 2 Families, 1 Heart    
         Arithmetic.                           Scientific notation.                                                  MLA format.                 Teach me about compassion.
    I wake up to these four walls each and everyday   My cold room, this broken house, all take it's toll on me   No food to eat, dirty clothes to wear, no money in the bank  
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