They Call Me Naive

Thu, 11/02/2017 - 22:43 -- Audrea

I’ve been through a lot,
No one would have thought.
All my sweet smiles,
The hugs I give in piles.
All true but hiding,
Hiding, never confiding.
I have been without a home,
Read a book and let my mind roam.
Broke up my parents fights,
And got lectured by my mom on my rights.
Locked upstairs in my room,
While my mother got high and let smoke fill downstairs in a plume.
Listened to my siblings cry because they were scared,
And ask me to fix the broken home cause I dared.
Took the toy thrown to my face,
Couldn’t let it hit my brother or i’d be a disgrace.
But I still went to school,
Was popular among the weirdos, pretty cool.
Musicals, Debate, Choir, Orchestra and more.
None of them knew that I was poor.
None of them knew I cried myself to sleep once a week.
None of them knew cause of DCFS I dared not speak.
I had to keep my siblings and I together,
I’d rather die than be separated forever.
These feelings unknown to even me,
The mix of sadness, anger and pure glee.
But right on top and deep down,
I think positive without a frown.
And I share the light I create,
For happiness never comes too late.
No matter how bad things seem or are,
I won’t be the one drunk at a bar.
I am the one known for running around grinning,
Some of them thought my head was spinning,
I don’t like thinking dirty, so when I didn’t understand,
They thought I was stupid and waved their hand.
They thought I was carefree with too much energy.
It’s from ADHD, common this century.
And the carefree looks come from being free from my room,
All the activities are to keep me away from the doom.
But I have to go back, my siblings need me.
For I am the oldest and the leader of us three.
Running around the room and cracking jokes,
Also a skill of mine to coax.
I could get them to smile and run around the room too.
But some of them who needed the rescue,
Thought I didn’t know a thing.
Who wouldn’t with the children's songs I sing.
And the Rubix cube I own that I call Steve.
How could I be one to even believe.
And that is why they call me naive.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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