When Addicts Cry

Hear my battle cry
For the addict’s cries
Who will listen?
God witness these baby's being born
To rotten situations
See the dying breed of this nation
All addicts made to be forsaken
Till the addict’s cry
Who will listen
Grant their position
The blow of this harsh world
Sends young kings & women
Spiraling out of control
Who to listen
Lost souls found at the crossroads
Once the addicts are heard
By the battle cry now known so well
Babies born addicted
Afflicted with this sickness
Who did this
Momma or father
Why bother this world just gets harder
Darker we fall farther
We the light in this fight
If not, we escape to the dark of nights
Pass the pipe, each hit of dope
Takes a price a piece of our soul
So much we don't know
No one took the time to teach us
Become harder to reach can you even hear us?
Out of control, energy void
Out of control demons now you
With our emotions
Lost little girl & boy
In those broken homes
This broken home so broken
I run alone with nowhere to go
Hear the addicts cry
Trying to find their way home
When Addicts Cry

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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