The Dream




I wake up to these four walls each and everyday


My cold room, this broken house, all take it's toll on me


No food to eat, dirty clothes to wear, no money in the bank


I can't believe my mother doesn't get paid for two more weeks


Four adults, one single parent, and not enough income


Have inspired me to go to college and better my education






Animals are my passion, I strive to help them out


Sometimes I used to catch frogs and keep them in my house


 Innocent and mysterious, they keep me entertained


Which is why I'll dedicate my life to making sure they'll be okay


My career choice is Veterinary Technician, and I have to choose a school


I checked out Blue Ridge Community College, it seems pretty cool


I'll be living like an adult now, on my own, in an apartment


But first I need to get a car and save up money for my expenses


$20,000 is a lot to save, when you work one part-time job


But I refuse to let that bring me down, I'm focused and will not give up


Getting out of this little town means so much to me


So I can become my own person, the one God intended for me


With faith, support, and hard work, this dream can become reality


The long, hard ride I'm about to face will make a woman out of me


Everyday is a day closer to reaching my destination


So buckle in and let's go, the road is open,  no more waiting


When that day comes when I've finished school and left this little town


I'll look back with a smile and say, "I never thought I'd be where I am now"



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