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you were always one to reach for the stars   your dad gave you wings and hoped you’d be content with the sky he was afraid
The name "Tokyo" may ring a bell,  One of the best known cities, from what I can tell. It's a shame that no one talks about southern Japan, beautiful and full of temples that are quite grand. 
Hey there Peter Pan, Come from Neverland, come to take me away.   We don’t have much time So let’s make this last
  Take my hand, little one
  She wanders somewhere 'neath the tower. Moonlight on her mind.  Big Ben's face to keep the hour, Lost Girl seeks to find.   She lost it somewhere, she's grown sure, Around this part of town,
Dressed in green, I fly, Through the stars, the sky, Finding those like me, lonely, Left by people who loved them not, lovely, So we can be lonely boys togehter, lost boys,
Never, he said, would I feel the pull of gravity on my skin, or the pains of growth in my bones.  Forever. Beauty preserved like a relic ship in a clear-glass bottle.
The boy flies without a care, forgetful of a future he once knew yet now, he chooses to live unaware.   Wish as I could to change his fate, for if he continues this way
Think happy thoughtsMaybe you will flyThat’s what we’ve been taughtSince before the years passed byNow more than ever you are stuck to the groundDepression, rage, guiltThey tie you down
This bitter sweet world isn't for me Why can't it let me be?   I know I make mistakes and the horrible decisions I make   I hide I lie I cry But at least I try
A highlighted moon and a star filled sky it was perfect weather for flight. You sat on my window, with untamed fiery hair and an outfit of green, reaching out your hand and saying “come with me.”  
Emerald amber mixes in between the eyes that I stare into, and pray I am unseen. Glass fogs and the words appear to be smudged into my quaking fears. Nose curved like a bell
The stars and moon shine above Rooftops housing dreaming children Dreams of flying Of an island with trees and forests, Of jungles and beaches, A bit of everything for a bit of everyone
Once there was a time, She was alone with no home. Then found Neverland
Can you take me to that place?
I've found Neverland In the deepest parts; in the saddest parts I've found Neverland A place where I go, where grownup things are not important I fly and sing and dance, but you cannot see me
I make lines They represent reality It becomes harsh The lines do too They see it as pain Angst Loneliness Stop looking with your eyes They only obscure
I could have sworn I was there to stay, but time was slipping away like grains of sand. Now, from reality, I must get away! Please, someone, take me back to Neverland.  
When I was young I adored Peterpan, I've always wanted to go to neverland I wanted to stay a kid forever, growing up I realized that Neverland never existed
Destroyed from the inside out,A tragedy sinners do not mourn.No pity for a star.   Here bright and burning,Here dark and cold,Alive as a star,Dead as a star.  
Neverland by Ima Ríos   Black as sin, hot as hell and bitter as love.   If my shadow were a cup of coffee it would be the perfect cup.   My shadow lies
With the worldly wise and well worn arrows of the deep And the everlasting beauties of an unawakened sleep The world is slick and rotten through A sickly melody for those that chant, to croon
Be aware if you dare stare i don't care i have everything being my teddy bear its ok if you dont like me but i bet my life you wont doubt me because i have potential like no other
Today I am 17, soon to be 18 and it wont be long until adults will respect me, youth will reflect me. But I just sit here in my room waiting for Peter Pan to come. Before
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