Searching For Neverland

The stars and moon shine above

Rooftops housing dreaming children

Dreams of flying

Of an island with trees and forests,

Of jungles and beaches,

A bit of everything for a bit of everyone

Then comes a shadow flying across the sky, a boy

He sprinkles the children with dust

“Believe,” he says, “believe and anything is possible.”

Slowly they rise up in the sky

And for once the children can see things clearly

But it cannot last as the dream becomes blurry and faded

“Goodbye Neverland” whisper the children


As the calm disappears with an explosion of orange

The sunrises welcoming a new day in a world filled with lost souls


It is cold,

The morning chill spreads through the room

As she wakes to find another dream gone and new a day beginning

Slowly she stands, walking to the mirror

She sees her eyes so heavy with sadness

So full of despair

But onward she marches


She step outside and faces the sun,

Its penetrating rays not reaching her core

Thoughts whirl and race across her mind,

A wild mustang trapped inside,

Thoughts about the twists and turns she has endured

About the heartaches and stomachaches,

The cuts and scrapes,

About all that she must endure

For pain is life and life is unfair


As she steps out to walk down a street that she knows

But that has yet to know her,

People walk by

Leading their lives as she struggles and fights for each step she takes

The streets are busy with people seeing

Only what’s in front

But some can only look behind

To see what was, days already passed

With hopes to find something again

Hope to find their own Neverland


Here comes some music,

Swirling around and around

Pulling, begging her to follow, to obey

It calls to the voice inside her,

Vibrating and shaking everything inside 

But it's not enough

It cries to be free

Free from this prison

From her body, her mind, her life


Then she sees him,

Standing by a tree,

Surrounded by people,

Laughing and dancing

He says his name is Peter Pan

And he has come to take them to Neverland

The flute he plays can only be heard by Lost Boys

Young men and women who are lost in the world


Neverland is where you stop growing

For children, everything is so simple, free of complication

But then they see how they’ve lost their parents…

All kids want is their parents’ love


On Neverland, anything is possible

It’s magical,

But it’s imagination that makes Neverland possible.


He brought children to Neverland in their dreams

But so many like himself,

Unhappy and out of place

And he gave them a chance to be free and wanted


He sprinkles her with fairy dust

And tells her to believe

To believe in him and believe in herself

They soared above the world that never liked her


She is a Lost Child, like so many others

Someone who doesn't fit in,

Who doesn't feel loved.

Someone alone and abandoned

Lost in the world

Someone standing still while a whirlwind of people rush about

And no matter how much they want to join in they can’t,

They get knocked down and pushed around.

So they become lost in a world that is consumed with perfection and power


Neverland is a place where they can be free

And not worry about society’s pressure to be perfect

Or a family’s expectations

Or trying to fit in

Neverland is a place where anyone can fit in


The stars and moon shine above,

A soft breeze blowing away memories of the past

And filling with memories of adventures through the trees with animals all around

Dreams of what can be

The calm disappears with an explosion of orange

A sunrise, welcoming a new day in the magical land of Neverland


But she wakes to find it was just a dream,

Her perfect storybook

As she walks outside she sees the faces of people walking by,

So full of pressure and expectations,

But so empty and unmoving


“Run!” shouts the voice inside

So she does

Too long has she ignored the voice that makes her different

She runs away from reality

Runs to find her Neverland

Neverland is home to lost souls like her

And lost souls like her are free.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world



Great poem! However, I would suggest hiding the blatant plagiarism of Ruth B's song "Lost Boy"


Great poem! However, I would suggest hiding the blatant plagiarism of Ruth B's song "Lost Boy"

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