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When alive  we say so much than thriven trillion words  When our eyes are at their last blink We say a moment of words.  
I Her eyes speak thousands of waters, From ancient drops of the celestial soul,  Down paths of willing sweetness,
You say I'm like water That can mean many things   Water can be smooth and calm Gentle, cool to the touch Water doesn't stay in one place It doesn't settle down much
As the sun comes in my coat starts to change but not enough to alter my color. when the rain falls down i start to make sounds but the big kids view me as an “other”. The winds pick up
this Sewn Alchemy...   seven gods in liquid hiding, this in sureness on in spending this sure hour,
Happy changes for ours to foray, that theirs were oceanand of black God, so could you know Ocean god was thisogod, or primal bei is hei. Thes lors, ast ou, ocean wasblack and fear, could know you in? No. But this deep could
The element of Surprise: Su. What I felt when I first walked into the Art classroom, exposed to a new environment. The element of Acceptance: Ac. What I felt when I turned in my first Commercial Art assignment.
Words like water,     wittling mountains into mines,     carving cathedrals into canyons. Epitaph like earth,     steadfast in resolve,     yet constantly changing. Fierce like fire,
Four elements: earth, water, air and fire. Which element are you? I am earth. Because I love the greens of grass, the swiftness of nature moves beneath my barefeet. Earth is powerful to the eyes of me.
  Tall waves crash, High breakers bash, "Strong am I" It says midst clash, "For Fire burns, And Stone can churn, And Man can Learn, But Sea can last."
no words float on water Lines composed on a walk between Hampstead and Highgate < London 1991
Let the Rain wash away all the pain from yesterday. Let the Sun burn away all the hate from yesterday. Let the Air whisk away all the hurt from yesterday. Let the Earth bury away all the suffering from yesterday.  
The universe is made of elements. Everything on earth is made of bit sized little bits From Hydrogen to Ceasium to Ununseptium But there are three elements that make me tick
The rain pounds down
 Dancing through the air
 Without a care in the world
 And meeting the ground
 In the harmonious union
 Known as mud
 The wind howls
 Jealous of the rain

She once was a little flower Not knowing how to speak But when she did Something beautiful happened She became herself And learned from all her failures
I'm always getting hurt No matter who it is; My brother, My sister, My father, My mother.... I don't know what I did to deserve this Always getting the worst of someone's anger
We have forgotten the most profound voices, The roots to our own humanity.   Anger, The lava vein of an erupting volcano, Pulsates because the vain whistles in the same high pitch.
Dancing like the trees, you change like the leaves. 
Where is the feeling? The absence of loaded words
Fire and Water Air and Earth Older than all is Spirit   Fire and Water were first to meet Fire so fierce Water so tempering Can't always get along But both are needed to keep Chaos at bay
Time is just an element. Why do we make it more than that? Time is just an element, not a physical being we attract. Tell me now, why is time our biggest fear? Why is time divided into years? Why is time the crown jewel?
Unlike raindrops Two people cant be in the same place at the same time They can be next to each other But they cannot be where the other is Unless of course those two people are the same person As one they join Like water falling from the sky, the
Infinite Relationships of the Elements   Oceans crashing against her boundaries. Angrily throwing herself against the craggy cliffs,
  This painful Earth will soon no more exist Someone please accept my last dying cry I will vastly go but here is the twist
Lord out here, in the wide open. I seem to always have fear, but my heart you have woven.   You have taken my broken, what seemed like dead life. You have awoken,
I am the wind inside the star, I am the child seen from afar. I am the water which few can drink, I am the man who dares to think. I am the fire burns ever bright, I am the ancient, age-old might.
Swis, swish, she is air. Floating and flowing, being a breeze. Until she takes a stance. Stomp, stomp, and she is earth. Homely and humble, embracing every inch of stage. Until she stares out at you.
Air, Water, Fire, Earth; JAMESE! A Necessity by Nature; Jamese! An Eclectic Essential for Existence; Jamese! Full of Fashion Forwardness; Jamese!
The tree's scent was fresh Frogs camouflaged the green grass The river's cold splash Canon's air was dry Solid rock of orange surface Paths of river flow
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