The rain pounds down


Dancing through the air

Without a care in the world

And meeting the ground

In the harmonious union

Known as mud

The wind howls

Jealous of the rain

And the freedom it holds

And so the wind grits its teeth

Pushing the rain into driving sheets


As if to avoid the ground completely

Trapped between the war of the elements

Is the world

Our world

Where the trees whip back and forth

To and fro

Their desperate attempt at escape

Going unnoticed by the wind and rain

Who strain against their limits

Sweeping across the terrain

And plunging the world into panic

The rain is no longer happy-go-lucky

Instead it drills into the ground

With a vengeance

Defying the wind with every drop that meets its mark

The wind must either respond or forfeit

Of course it responds

Kicking it up a notch

To meet the rain head-on

Meanwhile the ocean battles itself

Having no opponent to challenge

The waves crash onto land

Beating on the shore

And engulfing the adjacent beach

Any foolhardy boats or ships

Rock and buck on the roiling waves

As darkness falls

The world hunkers down

Cowering from nature's raw force

Anxiously awaiting

The comforting rays of the mornings sun


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