Bottled-Up Emotions

We have forgotten the most profound voices,

The roots to our own humanity.



The lava vein of an erupting volcano,

Pulsates because the vain whistles in the same high pitch.

The conductor asks for a crescendo,

But the symphony does not play.



Hides deep in the ocean,

Afraid of the surface because it is prey to many.

Although it is the strongest emotion,

Sadness makes you feel weakest.



Trembles like the earth.

We are more like the Cowardly Lion than we would like to accept.

We have been afraid since birth;

It is only natural.



Is the disregarded wind

That blows over without as much as a blink of the eye.

Insincere reactions are often twinned

To the envy of other’s happiness.


Life is full emotions:

Happiness, sadness, anxiety, frustration.

Although sometimes we don’t know what to do with them,

Emotions are not better in isolation.

I know because I have buried them.


I bottle up my emotions so that I am not fragile.

I wear them like tattoos to a job interview,

But in reality, sometimes

I want to be heard.



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