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i am 11 years old it is a year of firsts; first sleepover, first boyfriend  
the sound of my stomach growling resembles what i imagine to be the sound of bliss
I am trapped inside my body the shell of a girl who cries at the thought of breakfast, lunch and dinner or the days when I say "fuck it" and eat how I should just to be punished by someone screaming
choosing clothes looking in the mirror starring into a stranger.   we know tonight we'll skip dinner to wake up a little bit thinner.   walking with your dog will never be the same
Dear eyes,   This is a callout letter A "stop lying" letter A "don't tell me what to do" letter A "this is God's body" letter   Stop lying, eyes.
When you’re a child you long for secrets Memories from long ago, hope for the future Small collections of thoughts passed from person to person “don’t tell anyone, please.” You whisper between yourselves
You're taking all these health and science classes:Nutrition, Wellness, and Anatomy. You know how risky losing weight this fast is.If you know better, then why can't you eat?
I am a host for a parasite, A parasite whose disease has sucked on my mind, Leaching my hope, Leaching my sanity, Raping me of all personality.
It’s not an addiction, Really it’s not, But that mirror, It’s a source of affliction.   Not long ago, I could look in that mirror,
I look in the mirror  I don't see me I just see her The demon that haunts my every thought and dream Some call her Ana I usually just say  Ana Please Ana,
 Dear Ana
Your breathing is ragged. Your lungs are on fire. Your body is exhausted, but you continue.
Mia whispers that I could be better. Ana shouts at me to pull it together. Mia says she wants what is best.
Ana, a young girls best and worst friend
You saw me before I saw you.
Ask the girl in the glass how she survives on just air. Ask her, how does she last when she devours nothing but despair? And remorse coats her every attempt to ignore what she sees,
Recently I met a friend Ana was her name She introduced me to another, mia, The two, almost the same.   They told me of the perfect girl Put pictures in my head
Walls, built sturdy and tall.Doors, built to let people in.These walls make a tower,         I threw away the key.All in an effort, to keep you from me.
I hear voices Go see the school psychologist I am not eating anything Go see the nurse I am cutting myself Go see a guidance counselor I am pregnant Go see Planned Parenthood
The Monster was ruthless lied didnt care                 or did it? it said it did said it was my friend               my only friend said my family hated me
I am living in a mirror, I can never measure up. I am stuck inside this world of reflection, I can only see myself. The outside world is very dim,  just only a faded picture.
I'm hungry. But who really cares, because these leggings don't fit. My head hurts. And you can't take pills on an empty stomach. The world feels fuzzy. I wish I had the power
No one knows I haven’t eaten in weeks; I try my best to act normal; Within this sickness, I have reached my peak; Just waiting for my turn to fall; Sometimes its not so easy to hide; And some begin to get suspicious; But I will continue to push al
Ana and Mia Sitting in a tree And what do you know Along comes Me They trick my mind So I see them as beautiful And who would’ve thought I began to fall in love I fall fast
Little girls are barbie's, little girls are sweet, little girls are perfect,and taught to be neat. Taught to be skinny, and pretty, and fair. Taught to have beautiful, long locks of hair.
Today, I ate a half an apple. Today, I stared at myself in the mirror, saw the jutting of my hips, the mountains of my shoulder blades, and the hills and valleys my ribs made. I saw With my own eyes My body
Mirror, Mirror, on the wall. Make me pretty, thin, and tall. Who is fairest of us all? When will Beauty finally fall? Paint my face and Dye my hair, Then will someone truly care?
Mirror, mirror, on the wall Who's the fairest of them all? She who's tall and she who's thin, She who gets a workout in She whose thighs are far apart, She who has an ice cold heart.
Ana Anorexia Anorexia nervosa Ana My friend My best, closest friend You're there for me When I need you You whip me into shape You love me I can tell you do
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