'feminism' 'women' 'goddess' 'fight'

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missed like mist on summers day are when brown arms and green necks thrive on sunlight and gist footsteps and good meds in sync to beat of crux as luxurious rubber gives its everlasting kiss
"like the great queens of history .....she was born with the umbilical cord around her neck"**   My baby face seems to follow me everyday i see her in the bathroom mirror in the mornings 
Woman What does this mean to me Unequivocally beautiful Ethereal being of love and light Might stronger than any to be You build them up
She gazes upon newfound eyes lost from her wireframes, Pause for a moment and you can see her for a flicker Why now is she lovely? In this parallel world of film,
She’s THAT Black girl The one trapped in the borderlands of what it means to be Black and Woman Her hypervisibility causes her to remain unseen And her experiences leave her in between, her story left unheard
She was the daughter of a king,  whose name he had forgotten.  Heavy is the crown and yet,  she wore it like a feather.   
We are women We are a home We are hearts We multiple what we've given We are women We have breast that nourish life We carry life for 9 months We care deeply We need to come back
Leave her be To polish her scales Hear her screaming The hiss of her tail.   She trembles her rattle Not of a child, not again They had been stolen, By the peacock, by the hen.   A youthful nightmare, A bogeyman of doubt The people scream now The
A woman's torn dress Still sparkles and shine in the most glorious of ways We suffer in violent volumes to a deaf world Yet that torn sparkly dress is heard by all but sewn together by none But maybe
Zeus Ruler of all your Wisdom Goddess will be your downfall Metis, mother, protector of child her daughter, a virile Woman   Athena is the embodiment of valiancy
A working woman, disregarding the modern day Aphordites. A virgin, she didn't need a man, protector of Athens, she didn’t need a baby.  
The Gods still live They can be seen everyday If one knows where to look   Artemis is standing in the crowd of feminists Wearing a pink-knit hat Calling for equality  
Bow held high, head held higher Inside her mind there is a fire Her voice speaks louder than her arrows Dusk, she rises like the flight of a sparrow   Though it be dark, she will rise
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