Vote for women

Tue, 10/22/2019 - 02:12 -- Kristyn

We are women
We are a home
We are hearts
We multiple what we've given
We are women
We have breast that nourish life
We carry life for 9 months
We care deeply
We need to come back
Back to being us
Hormonally sensitive skin cells
That protect, nourish, cherish, build up
Were women
We take time
We weren't ment to be rushed
Worked in a mans environment field
We wear heels
We wear makeup
We take time
We wear dresses shopping
Grocery shopping
You see where I'm going?
We are pearls well deserved around our necks
Were the happiest ring on the wedding finger
We are timeless love in a garden
Of fresh food from gentle hands
We need to remember what we really are
An emotional artwork
Cooking and cleaning

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Our world


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