Lamia: The Victim of Men and The Women With Them

Leave her be To polish her scales Hear her screaming The hiss of her tail.   She trembles her rattle Not of a child, not again They had been stolen, By the peacock, by the hen.   A youthful nightmare, A bogeyman of doubt The people scream now The people shout.   “Do you weep, snake? Will you leave us alone? You are to blame And you will atone.”   A man of lightning Of power abused A lover in passing Always excused.   Neglected the cow, bull Just as vicious without horns She invaded her home With cruelty and with scorn.   She took her jewel crown Rubious-argent bereft, Beauty, her children Nothing but pain and ugliness left.   “Can you sleep, snake? Will you leave us alone? You are to blame. And you will atone.”   Insomnia plagued her, Yet no guilt of her own He would not protect her Would not step down from his throne.    He took her eyesight Mournful orbs to remove She will have vengeance She is the evil, though you’ve no proof.    She’ll be your monster She still skin yet to shed Ere she transformed She turned and she said.    “I’m in too deep, snake. Now leave me alone. I am to blame, But you will atone.”   

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