Steady Aim

Bow held high, head held higher

Inside her mind there is a fire

Her voice speaks louder than her arrows

Dusk, she rises like the flight of a sparrow


Though it be dark, she will rise

She will fight against the misogyny and the lies

Marches on Washington with a sign saying #MeToo

Fought for Olympus, now she fights for me and you


She envisions her future and refuses to settle for less

She will not let any man tell she cannot be the best

She knows her strength is held inside  

She doesn’t need any man to provide 


The battle is over

They may shout

The fight is done 

They may cry


She knows the fight will never be over

Though Madam President may bring us closer

Break the Glass Ceiling

Bring on a New Feeling


Artemis is her name

She brings on a new age

This Country, This World

Will never be the same

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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