The Cliche Of The Girl In Glasses

She gazes upon newfound eyes lost from her wireframes,

Pause for a moment and you can see her for a flicker

Why now is she lovely?

In this parallel world of film,

Life can be changed with flat irons and lip gloss,

Why aren’t curly hair and glasses pretty?


She mutters to her reflection "I will never be pretty."

In the glow of the TV her young face is framed,

Cheeks coated with a sea salt gloss. 

Incandescent sheen of depreciating messages flicker.

Eyes now coated with a washed out film,

Does this mean she too can't be lovely?

Incandescent sheen of depreciating messages flicker.


Isn't she just lovely?

A face that was just as pretty as the one before

The beauty Queen of a cliche film

Life for her is measured in per second frames

Some nights she prays the stars will cease to flicker

Her body encased in photographic gloss.


They all see her now that her flaws are glossed

She is the embodiment of lovely

Towards her their eyes flicker

The ugly duckling has become pretty

Now that she too is behind a superficial frame.

It’s not like she was pretty at the start of the film. 


The recycled end of every Molly Ringwald film,

She takes off the spectacles and applies some lip gloss

And steps into a newly molded frame.

Suddenly she is lovely,

Suddenly she is pretty,

Dolled up in a dress that makes the room flicker


We all learn that nail polish remove will make our senses flicker,

Our beauty must be worn outwardly according to the film,

With curly ringlets and glasses you can’t be pretty.

You need personality concealer and mind gloss,

With flaws like individuality you can’t be lovely

Remove those dividing frames.


Our lives are framed by the silk screens flicker.


Isn’t it just lovely, that our standards are dictated by film.


Before the lip gloss, I found Molly pretty.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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