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Fear,  There’s plenty of it, it fills us all Paralyzes us, keeps cautious, wanting to avoid the fall Something we can’t outgrow or out run When it’s there we wish it were done Thought of the past plants it, thought of the future grows it Can’t bru
Ask a flightless bird To fly And she will look at you With perplexed eye   “How can you expect me To fly When I am told
I used to be creative Then I went to school I used to play outside Now the air's too cool   I used to have ambition Living unrestrained But now my will's been missing
Fearing a transparent man-made tool of vanity A tool who hides nothing This tool shows you who you truly are Some may say that you are more than your reflection
It's a fleeting moment Maybe a glimpse But it's enough Enough to make you think Enough to dream Its an epiphone
It’s 12:47 AM. You’re asleep, all tucked in bed  your head resting against the pillows of feathers plucked from white geese. 
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