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I write this,   thinking everything will be fine,   but I've learned not to get my hopes up.   Learned not to love too much.   Learned not to speak too much.   I write this,
I do not want your counsel and advice. Where were you when I was enduring hunger? You were not there when I was thirsty. When I was having financial problems, You did not assist me in my hour of need.  
I look at myself in the mirror And I like the person that I see People can say whatever they want I’m really happy to be me .
So many preparations, regulations, expectations, so many people expecting me to people-please their purposes. Since when am I your puppet and since when are you my planner? Since when can I not make the choice
How to live   I mean survive                          in school.   1. Show up. Show up to the first day of the rest of your life. Show up to your future.
Game rules. I do gaming. I play video games Without cheating in any way. Game rules.
Sometimes the things we can grow, learn, want are what people are not   Protected but desire demands freedom   Security but never chasing after dreams  
No Rules Poetry doesn’t have rules Just like life It has guidelines that almost everyone follows Of course To be successful You must follow the rules Or so they say Or so I tell myself
1) You’re never allowed to tell a lie Unless the lie sounds nicer than the truth To tell people what they want to hear   2) Everyone is right Everyone is wrong
I am always in the passenger seat.   You can drive me wherever, But there is nothing I can do.   If I protest, I still can't drive. If I try to drive, I crash.  
knowing when to stand down being aware of when to shut up allowing ideas to form without speaking them all will pay off in the end
Sitting down with your thoughts and a new document, you know who you are. Is it dread? Perhaps excitement.
They always begin with a cheerful smileOr an excessively sincere expression as though IHad just asked them to confess their darkest secrets.I don’t want their dark secrets; we all have those
Here I am yet again. Looking for a payout for college For education, for knowledge For a job, for a career, for more money Spend money to make money. Its money this and money that.
Indecision, at its best, is a game of poker
We sit in silence puffing our breath into the frigid air,
Here’s a silly poem I came up with. Disclaimer: It is NOT to be taken seriously. I was inspired by a Limerick poem which is meant to be silly and weird. Often times they make little to no sense at all.
  Excuses- that’s all you say you hear  excuses for not following rules, I’m a person not a tool excuses for my own belief, you don’t like when I speak what I think
Stop. Hold tight. I’m terribly lost. Your eyes slay everything. Too deep, dark, haunted, hunted. Recharge this battery, just sit close. You mounted my heart on the wall.
We tell ourselves lies, We blindfold ourselves to shield our own eyes. The hurt, the pain, We want it no more. Our own distractions will fill up our core. Hide all the books That cause us to feel.
I’ve told you before Some things don’t have to be said Like the rules to this physical game we’re playing But I still tell you I miss you No confession of missing me too But some things don’t have to be said
if you play by the rules you can go far it will take you to places you've never been before but to same is true in a negative light if you cheat the rules it comes back to bite even if your intensions were good 
Our words already frozen, long ago
In a corner of the nursery, They play a game called Peek-a-boo. There’s just one rule: Wait. The winner gets a sweet surprise.   In a corner of the playground, They play a game called Tag.
Politics to Black Friday You have a manager at a store that sets the prices. They open the doors and show the ideas to the crowd. Then they sit back and watch the crowd go wild.
Colorful thoughts swirl in my head Connecting to others with Shimmering strings.   A million pin-pricks Connecting the hitherto unconnected. So, with the valid proof provided,
First day of school Take off your hat, are those tears in your pants? Give steps in and I was suddenly in their trance Pull up your pants she tells at the man besides me Are you freaking kidding me just let us be
I am sad, I am hurt, I am mad, These words don’t work!   I feel empty, I’m at a loss, I’m insecure, I’ve lost the toss.   I feel sick, There’s too much stress,
                                                 Moe'Suckra                                                                        A Tale of Censorship    
Hello there teacher! I am so sorry to tell you that your class is a mess! Behind your back, OH NO could it be! Wall twerking! Maybe… Texting! Of corse… Learning! NOOO! Your class is a mess!
My shorts. My bare skin. My long legs. My apologies.   I  wanted to wear shorts. I disrupted his education.
I wear a skirt to school like many other girls. A teacher stops me and says, "You're not in dresscode." Are you serious? I'm the only one..because of my legs. Long legs are a blessing and a curse.
I want an education that will benefit me! Who said learning the square root of pi will help get me by? Sitting in class watching the teachers fat ass, knowing I gotta pat attention in order to pass.
I asked myself, what the FUCK is education? A nine letter noun that involves complete concentration... I ended up searching the actual definition, the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction.
  Look at all the people Staring in disbelief Witnessing terrorism Help commander in chief   We seek the governments help We hide under their protection But when it comes to danger
Limits, limits They seem so fucken fun! In actuality they make me want to run Run into the sun Away from restrictions
I'm no Maya Angelou, Mark Twain, or Emerson. I don't yet know my dearest complaints, intents, or direction. I've never been hurt so bad that I've been deeply pained, I have, however, seen enough to know that we need change.
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