Sat, 02/28/2015 - 15:23 -- Reginub


Indecision, at its best, is a game of poker

Blackjack? No. 

Go fish!

To get the response you're looking for,
You have to ask a question.
Question its existence!
What are this - that - it -those!?
Can you see the struggle?
No cop, no stop?
The law says no,
My foot says go 
I'm running out of time...
Three seconds - 
I follow the rules.
But why?
Am I afraid of the cops - 
or afraid of my mom?
Mom raised me to be a good girl 
To always clean up after myself.
Then why...
is my life such a mess?
I can't see clearly through the fog,
I'm speeding down the hill
And then another stop.
Lose the momentum 
Or fly?
I follow the rules.
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