They Don't Care

Sat, 11/16/2013 - 20:34 -- mckpiar

I am sad,

I am hurt,

I am mad,

These words don’t work!


I feel empty,

I’m at a loss,

I’m insecure,

I’ve lost the toss.


I feel sick,

There’s too much stress,

I’m so worn,

It’s so hard to repress,


I’m volatile,

I’m ready to blow,

I’m withdrawn,

I don’t know where to go,


I need to scream,

Or do you have qualms about that too?

I need a hug,

Will a straight jacket do?


You saw me crying,

You saw I was having issues,

You could have come to help me,

But what did you choose?


You chose to take him away,

You misinterpreted rules,

He was comforting me,

You’re all just blind fools!


I cried on his shoulder,

My tears soaked his shirt,

He was comforting me,

But you had to be curt,


This no PDA rule,

Should be case by case,

It’s not like we sat,

A couple sucking face,


I choked on my sobs,

He just held me there,

But apparently,

It’s against the rules to care,


“It’s a bad example,

“There are children here,

“I don’t care if there’s reason,

“Enough for him to wipe a tear.”


“Split up you two,

“Don’t hug again,

“This was your warning,

“Next time it’s detention.”


“It sends a bad message,

“To kids watching you,

“The PDA rule,

“Still applies to you two.”


So we heeded her warning,

He let go of me,

I scooted away,

By her harsh decree,


I buried my face,

In my hands once more,

And my tears flooded down,

Just like they had before.



This is a heart breaking poem. I never thought of that kind of behavior being seen as PDA... It is really sad but eye-opening at the same time. Is this a recount of something that happened to you or just something you thought of? Either way, this is a great poem.


I adapted it from a song I wrote. This is really something that happened to me. Thank you.

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