' 'fear' 'lost' 'alone' 'sad' 'hurt' 'good bye' depressed' 'suicidal' 'help'

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Isolated and alone, When will these thoughts go? I’m scared and don't know what to do, Please help or I might die too.
Rough waters engulf me, Swallow me whole I can't breathe, If I even want that goal   I'm forever trapped in this pitiful prison, With cold, dark water filling my mouth, My throat,
Darkness It's never a good place to be in You're all alone It's quiet It's cold And your thoughts run free I don't know what's scarier The darkness Or you're thoughts
Reality hits, Sadness bites and it really hurts then it dies No one can rely and just can't play It can all be a reply then somebody must repay
This is the tale of man in his boat; So worn, so tattered, barely stayed afloat. Late in the evening, no luck on his side, He came into shore on the first riptide.  
Sometimes I just want to breathe water.No, I don't mean I want to breathe underwaterWith the fancy gills and devices to help me do so.I actually want to breathe in water.
One day I’m here, a lonely heart floating in a sea of formaldehyde. Preserving my confidence, preserving my smile, preserving my mask to conceal my inner storm. My mind is an ocean of sunken ships and nameless bones.
A temptation so sweet.. The idea that might be the one thing that can be my release, my Escape... Life is something given, to my understanding, everything given
I have been accused of being arrogant my entire life. The teachers told me I was different, my parents saw some sort of spark.
I refuse to use proper grammer, ee cummings style even though I disagree with some of the things he says Anyway this is more of a personal letter to humanity. I feel you do not understand what I aim to acomplish here.
It’s hard to admit you’re just as broken Just as haphazardly strewn everywhere on the insides Hard to admit you’re like us Crying ourselves to sleep Unnoticed in the darkness  
who do i live for? what can i live for? what is there to live for?   nothing but the few things i love nothing but the few friends who understand nothing but the life i can’t stand  
The Lonely Child waits by her window for the blank sky and lank clouds in the silent summer’s empty night. Silent summers. Empty nights.
I give me to you. Every beat of my heart. Everything that makes me who I am. I give my heart to you. I give to you without fear though its all thats left of me. I have been poured out. I have been run down and ground up.
You are not another case, Not something to be printed in the media, So please just listen to me, Brings that razor blade down from your wrist, put those pills away, Get down from that bridge,
I'm afraid I'm losing you But lets be real, it's nothing new It's not you It's my selfishness My nothingnes My worthlessnes I am an abomination I shouldn't be alive
I hide all my pain through this clever disguise, A mask of laughter, That doesn't cover my eyes.
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