I give me to you. Every beat of my heart. Everything that makes me who I am. I give my heart to you. I give to you without fear though its all thats left of me. I have been poured out. I have been run down and ground up. All thats left is my love. All I am is heart. The heart I give you without fear. It is a heart that is broken and it bleeds. Its been stomped on. Left behind. Taken advantage of and disregarded. What could you possibly do to this heart that hasnt been done. This unexpectant heart that has a condition. I am a heart that loves without condition. That is the only condition. I give you my heart. There is nothing you can do that hasnt been done. But one thing. My heart is cold. The heart grows by experience and has to beat everyday. The heart will beat til its time. It is not yet my time. My heart is black and hateful. It is the reflection of what it has received. What can you do to me. But one thing. I am a heart but I am broken. I am in more than one piece. One heart in a million pieces. Swept into a pile picked up and presented to you. What can you do to this heart that hasnt been done but one thing. I give my heart to you. My heart that is me. I am broken but I am yours without condition. I know you will not break me. I am already broken. You will never leave me cold. I am already ice. You can do nothing to me but one thing that hasnt been done.


Love Me.

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Our world


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