You are not another case,

Not something to be printed in the media,

So please just listen to me,

Brings that razor blade down from your wrist,

put those pills away,

Get down from that bridge,

Pull your head out of that rope,

don't swing today,

I know life has battered you down,

I know you're craving to escape,

To block out the madness in this world today,

But let me tell you that this is not the way,

I know you have been told that you were a mistake,

That you will never be anyone,

That you are a waste of a human,

That the world would be better off without you,

You know what? Fuck what they have to say,

we are all here for a reason,

You need to find your purpose today,

It will be no good to you from the grave,

See we have all been there, no one can deny it,

It's a dark place, we have all walked that path before,

Passing thoughts that never leave us alone, yet many still fight it to this day,

You're not alone in this world,

Though i may never know, what truly lowered you to this point,

I want you to know something, You are great,

You have a talent to unleash,

To stand up and say i refuse to be one of the sheep,

To go onto make that difference today,

To unleash your roar, let the anger and hurt wash away,

For that is the only way to escape,

Build a house with the bricks others have thrown at you and hide away,

For they can't touch you again, now you are nice and safe,

Turn your back on those who don't truly love you,

On false friends, discouraging words and all those who put you down,

You can take these steps today,

Turning it around, to live the life you deserve,

It's such a easy choice to make, so make sure you take this advice today.

This was the hardest poem to write, to this day. I tried three times but life said no each and every time. Made me think there was still something i had to do, so i decided to stick around and see. Feedback is always welcome! :)

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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