The Battle Within


It's never a good place to be in

You're all alone

It's quiet

It's cold

And your thoughts run free

I don't know what's scarier

The darkness

Or you're thoughts

They're never well

They're all negative

It rips you apart

Piece by piece

bit by bit

It shows your weakness

Just shining through

You try to run form them

Quiet them

Ignore them

It never works

They're loud

They're strong

You learn to deal with them

But for how long

How long until they take over

Persuade you

Kill you

No one can help you

You are alone


But then you see a light

A light of hope

A light to an escape

It silences those thoughts

You're free

But not for long

Just enough to get you through the day

Or at least you hope for the day

You are safe 

You are free

Nothing holding you down

No weight

No darkness

For now

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