'Life lessons'

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My life before was perfect, I was to young to wonder why. I was to young to charish life, Before I said goodbye.   Goodbye to all the people  I knew and loved and hated.
Let this ugly blessed be a lesson for me... May it teach me everything your testing  Manifest this blessing 
5 people from different worlds They teach us as their universe swirled   The 1st guided by the strings of his guitar He fell for her from a far He turned his neck to see her fade
I don’t need anyone I can survive on my own (I won’t let you see me sweat) I could take the road less traveled But instead I take the path with thorns
Training wheels   "Hold on tight!” “Don't go too fast!” “You have your helmet on right? “
Child to Teen By: Joshua D. Sanders   From Child to Teen And everything in between Lay the lessons that he learned
Fear has no fears So why should I Fear has no mouth Yet it closes mine   It arrives in disguise And darkens the eyes It seeks to divide To fog up the mind  
Remember those days;  
  I was driving round yesterday just after four Drove past an old blind man feeding the poor I followed that blind man all around town
Dear pain, My greatest enemy yet my closest friend You showed me the sorrows of the world, And you revealed the truth through the dead “It hurts to see someone go” I would say
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