I was driving round yesterday just after four

Drove past an old blind man feeding the poor

I followed that blind man all around town

He freed every face (that was) bent with a frown

He spent his last dime giving an old dog water

Sacrificed all that he could like a lamb to the slaughter

He healed and brightened and ministered and cared

And then I thought how is he blind? That’s not fair

He polished up even the most wounded of spirits

Left each soul with a spark so bright you could hear it

After hours of observance I had dozens of questions

I said “why do you serve, has the world not taught you a lesson?”

He turned to me, his face filled cheek to cheek with a grin

He said “Do you consider blindness a sin?”

Even though my physical eyes might be missin

I see with my heart and my mind and I listen

I feel every heart, I hear every mind, I see every soul

To help others see, that is my goal

You ask me ‘why do I serve, haven’t I learned my lesson?’

Well why don’t you let me ask you a question

Why do you walk about with hate in your heart

You are the one who lives in the dark

So much goodness surrounds you why can’t you see it

You, my friend, are the blind one, you better believe it

Do something in selflessness each and every day

That is how you invite true happiness to stay

Open your eyes, see that all I say is true

That is all I’m here to help you to do.”


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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