Fear Has No Fears

Fear has no fears

So why should I

Fear has no mouth

Yet it closes mine


It arrives in disguise

And darkens the eyes

It seeks to divide

To fog up the mind


We fear what is new

We fear being old

To fear we succumb

To fear we've been sold


But if fear was a chain

Or a tangible thing

Would we not fight for our life

And strive to be free


We let the mental rule us

When we rule the mentality

We've let the reins obtain rust

We must gain some clarity


For if fear can be fearless

Then put your will to the test

And understand that fear is a conquerable quest

For fear is not stronger than the strength in your breast


Nor is it stronger than the fight in your breath

This is something I learned

When it was failure I'd earned

I was destined to a path of slow, painful burn


I'd lost all hope

In my own intellegence

I'd taken the class

But given up the final test


A metaphor, a reality

Take it as you may

I was a horse hair's width 

From certain dismay


I feared trying hard

I'd much rather give up

Thankfully I've exited

Such a disastrous rut


Fear held me captive

With it's invisible chain

It's a miracle I realized

Most people don't do them same


So I ask of you

Tell everyone you meet

To realize fear is a worthy adversary

But a defeatable feat


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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