Child To Teen

Child to Teen

By: Joshua D. Sanders


From Child to Teen

And everything in between

Lay the lessons that he learned

And skills that were earned


The mind of this child

Seems to be easily riled

by the knowledge of faith

And the words that he ate


In his mind

this child wasn’t a teen

However everything in between

that could never be deemed


In fact, this teen isn’t a teen

yet an adult that failed to see his sheen

Not until he Dressed was in green

Is when this Child became so clean


No longer his pride

Will override the Faith of God

Though now he will stay humble

Even if the ground began to rumble


This Child is no longer a Child

And this Teen is no longer a Teen

Yet an Adult

who manage to live his dream


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country


Joshua D. Sanders

This poem is dedicated to my beautiful wife and my soon-to-be born baby daughter. 

Always remember that I Love you.

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