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The strength is lost The love is gone The feelings have disappeared The happiness is forever forgotten The will has left The life is next to go
A child born in a ward A baby who cries,A mother who tries,To quieten the child,To hope him more mild,He sleeps. For the family, delight
I sit and think that with all the disasters around the world happening,there would better things you can set your mind to focus on,but the mirror was facing me,while I write this poem,could you feel the passion in my heart,can you see that I'm so
Losing a friend sucks, sometimes they leave, sometimes you just drift apart until there's only silence, the worst way to lose a friend is when they change, your left yearning for when everything was fine, when you'd joke around play games and just
There is sadness in these bones Deep in the marrow of the house that is my body I am a home to grief and anger You cannot see it in my skin and in my flesh But I flash my teeth and you finally recognize
  Light swallowed by shadows Hearing voices nobody owns Disembodied, and paralyzed Good god, I’m PETRIFIED Falling and falling
“Venting Session”   Let’s talk, No WAIT! I meant  Let me vent Pour me a shot 
almost every night she storms into the living room after her bath roaring mad silent seething eyes bulging in her head her every movement over-exaggerated her words sharp and cutting
I have nothing to say that has not already been said. This exact sentence in this exact way has already been formed. I cannot be clever the way you ask me to because clever is a cliché. Clever shadows cutthroat.
For every time in my life That I have been Knocked down  Called out Rejected Made fun of  Hurt  Hurt  Hurt I’d feel the burn of my ego And the sting of my flesh 
What i need All i need is the very thought that keeps me from losing my sanity The thought that maintains my constant feel of vanity The idea that in the long run, it'll be all worth while
i never can understand how a father can leave his daughters to fend for themselves he blames them for his pain but they're caught in the game the same one he  claims he lost to their mom to  
  Don’t act like I’ve ever been okay. Because it’s in the smile when I’m angry The straight lips you demanded when you couldn’t take more The obedience you looked for It’s all in me  and it is me
My heart is breaking, my faith is shaking, too much is what all of this stress is taking. Can't calm down, can't look around, on the outside I smile. On the inside I frown... So tired of life,
It won't be the first time that I'm going to lose out to her
The other students make me insane
As a young girl I was told to accept my life, to live my life with a smile so bright. To never let a man use your body as a store and your skin as a tissue for his shitty mistakes.
My fingers won’t move. They are stiff with frost, Tips turning blue and then deathly purple. Threatening to rip them from My flesh they were sown into by my creator. Icicles hang from my eyelashes,
When do we become grown-ups? Is it when we can go down big waterslides alone Or when we can do a thousand sit-ups? Is it when we start driving Or when we stop making stupid slip-ups?  
I've been crying on and off all day.  My eyes are bloodshot, Their bags swollen and red. My stomach aches from dry heaving, from coughing so hard. I look like hell.   
Saying bye to my very few friends as the day ends I drag my feet slowly across the concrete to where each day begins. Six blocks wondering if I'll have some fun at home.
so violent for reasons you could hardly understand as you grew older you begin to comprehend this bottled up anger, you released unknowingly
A midsummers glow Always reminds me Of the love we once shared, As beautiful as the sea, As soft as a bear, As kind as a mothers love, As quick as the wind, Truly, it's a lovely thing
Don’t cry, it will only hurt more.   He just wanted to study I heard the rumors in college I never thought it would happen to me He liked me. No. Not me.
Wake up, Dress,  School, Wither, Dinner, Sleep,  Repeat.
I'm sick of the struggle.The uphill battle I constantly face.The decision on whether or not to stayor leave from this place.This poem won't even express it.
Hatred.  Instilled in me is hatred. like a fire raging in my lungs and behind my eyes it stings  but its never released  because to my enemies my tears scream weak but I am not weak
Tommy needs help solving a problem ha! he needs to be lock up in an asylum  who wants to find the volume of a barrel with a hole and a steady leakage,call them     Formulas to remember 
Hey Dave!  Yeah, the one they call Mr. Bruce Get a Life!  We all have one That's why what you require of us is ridiculous! We can't spend every  Waking Moment
I've learned to like the problems. I've learned to love the pain. There is no hope of coping with it any other way. They say "Be glad with what you have, and you will be alright.  Cherish every moment, 
How are you still here? Jon, how are you still here through all my pain and all my tears, through all of the fears I've laid out right before you? I delved into my heart and rambled on
I convince myself I hate em all, But I love 'em Friends that whisper when my presence isn't given It's a gift I give to myself, these emotions that are written Bitten, Chewed, Swallowed, and Spit out the Sounds
I wake up . Am I alive ? I was sleeping or was I ? feeling the rush of the when as I took that dive off the top of the building.
Can I just plug my ears,And shield the noise?I don't have many fears,I'm just freaking annoyed,Mood always switching gears,The lever's almost destroyed,Transparent thoughts remain clear,
I'm just so depressed I have scary thoughts that are coming-back Just trying my best to flee away from my mind like I'm running-track Why does my life suck so much to the point where I start losing-touch
A poem for the lack of self assurance A poem for the girl who doesn’t always have it together A poem for the hard times, filled with words we all need to hear A form of expression for the girl with the quiet voice.
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