Sat, 08/30/2014 - 22:44 -- Takarya


A midsummers glow

Always reminds me

Of the love we once shared,

As beautiful as the sea,

As soft as a bear,

As kind as a mothers love,

As quick as the wind,

Truly, it's a lovely thing

A thing in which all want,

But most do not deserve,

There is no hold on,

There is no reserve,

Keep your love pure,

Help it live,

Do what you will



I can really relate to this poem .This poem is so very true .Because love is everywhere but hard to keep it and maintain a healthy relationship.This is my favorite poem.Excellent work well done i love this poem.

Check out my work when you get a chance and hopeful it inspire you .

Keep up the amazing work can't wait to read more of your poetry. .You definitely got my support and you have the passion and the talent to become that writer  .

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