Oh lovely teacher


Tommy needs help solving a problem

ha! he needs to be lock up in an asylum 

who wants to find the volume

of a barrel with a hole and a steady leakage,call them



Formulas to remember 

It took you a while to rem-anise

ill foget in December

take my trousers and remember this



seriously what's the point

we're studying just to study 

give me a problem to get me out this joint

Hurry I'll call my buddy


in fact let me see your degree

you couldn't possibly be a teacher

sounds like you read this off of e harmony 

 911! fraud! You look like a old preacher


no disrespect but take this bluntly

i didn't learn anything 

so go out and hunt me 

I'll learn more by that 

ps you sound like a rat



And another thing

please get a mint

im coughing and coughing

please take a hint



in short I hope you were listening

and took great note

but in case you didn't...



You wear high waters

and look like father 

breath reeks 

wash it down by the creaks



you can not teach

and spend more time at the beach

you sound like fat cat

i will never use this in life

 I deeply hate this class



Alast Dear lovely teacher


signed by your soon to be ex-leacher




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