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Darling, I want to say I-love-you, although it sounds like a cliché. Are there any other words to say when you love someone? Is there a better way to express the deep feelings of my heart? .
I'm not crazy to think of you Since you are exquisitely charming With a smile and a sigh of joy and glee So I want to put myself under this tent
Meus olhos, meu coração e minha alma Cadê a mulher bonita, minha esposa O que eu amo, aquele que eu amo tanto Mais do que o vento da primavera
My eyes, my heart and my soul Where is the gorgeous woman, my wife That I love, the one that I love so much More than the breeze of spring
Mes yeux, mon cœur et mon âme Où est la mignonne femme, ma femme Que j’aime, celle que j’aime tant Plus que le vent du printemps
Il tempo è molto bello, molto carino, questa mattina Userò le mie migliori parole Prenderò come un mago Una candela e miriadi di secchi traboccarono
The weather is very gorgeous, very nice, this morning I will use my best words I will take, like a magician A candle and myriads of overflowing
Il fait très beau, très mignon, ce matin Je vais utiliser mes plus beaux mots Je vais prendre comme un matassin Une bougie et des myriades de seaux
Ma Jolie Muse Cela ne m’amuse Pas de te voir si fâchée Énervée et enflammée Tu as perdu la raison
Mi linda Musa No me divierte De verte tan enojada Infeliz e ardiente Perdiste la cabeza Completamente esta temporada
My pretty Muse It doesn't amuse Me to see you so angry Fiery and unhappy You lost your mind Completely this season
I am not going to swear Yes, your smile is a poem I am saying: je t’aime I love you with ardor With all my strength and force
Es la mujer como tú la que me Inspira Es la mujer como tú la que me Visita Es la mujer como tú la que me Atrae
It’s the woman like you who inspires Me It’s the woman like you who attires Me It’s the woman like you who attracts Me
  Kè gen machwè Kè wè lannwit e lejou Devan lanmou Devan tout joujou. Se yon kè ki briye e ki souri
Le cœur a des joues Le cœur voit la nuit et le jour En face de l’amour En face des joujoux. C’est le cœur qui scintille et sourit
The heart has cheeks The heart sees night and day In front of your love In front of the toys. It’s the heart that smiles
My friend, it is the way you look It is your amazing style Darling, it is the way you talk About me with a colossal smile
I love you soft and low I love you happy and high Darling, you are my rainbow Baby, you’re my star in the sky.  
Baby, I’ll hold you again before I die Things haven’t worked out for us yet, But I feel that someday I’ll marry you You shed tears because of your sadness Stop your crying and sighing, my darling
Darling, it is a delight to have you in my arms once again. You put me in a romantic mood right away. Take this compliment as a gift from my heart: Your gorgeousness is stunning like the twilight that adorns the sky.
You’re my lover and friend, You’re someone in whom I can trust and confide. . You’re honey and spice, And you’re all the nice things that I like. .
This is from your dear Mother Who expected you for months Sometimes feeling distressed and exhausted Though excited, from carrying another Soul   Eyes watched how she gained weight
a pristine splotch of fuschia / a flawless splatter of ruby / the radiant smudges of sunlight pure as a virgin / the poignant aroma of rose petals /
With tears in my eyes I look into yours Our eternal lives Have been suddenly cut short Though they are closed tight A new door unlatched.  
Darling of Evolution by Vir Singh   Evolution has been On its journey For billions of years; It was destined to come out With its climax creation. And, ultimately,
I can't believe How long it's been Since I've heard your voice Since I felt your skin Since I saw your eyes and felt your lips. I miss you Dearly, my beloved for without you
You know what Darling? Throw away that makeup. Feel beautiful as you. Now this is not another one of those ones that is going to say acne is beautiful. That your flaws are perfection. No.
I must confess to you, my dear, There’s something about the night And the feeling of paper beneath ink That draws out confessions like a canvas to the painter   I must confess to you, dear,
The path has never been a straight one, 
My place is stained with you I look to my left and it's where we laughed I look to the right and it's where we loved The chair that I sat in as you broke the news The bed I lay on as I listened to you
How many times have they whispered your name as you walk by They point at you across the hall They giggle as you go into class I know that you notice them when they do But do you listen to them
Of all the beautiful things in this world, I have never encountered anything-- Anyone as wonderful as you, by far.   The purity of your nature. Innocence; So sweet yet mature.
Dear darling,
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